InnoLab - From ideas to solutions.

InnoLab is a Design & Development sprint. In 36 hours, teams will answer your challenge by producing new commercially viable solutions, concepts and prototypes. All this is made possible by combining thorough benchmarking, interdisciplinary teams and experienced professionals.

We already have enough ideas - InnoLab focuses on solutions

The main purpose of InnoLab is to provide concrete, feasible solutions in a record time. Outcome typically includes thorough concepts, prototypes of digital services or demos of service models. Our goal is to develop solutions that will be implemented.

Agility - in 36 hours, InnoLab turns ideas into concepts and prototypes

InnoLab allows very rapid development processes. Instead of long, resource-consuming projects, ideas can turn into real concepts and prototypes in a two-day sprint.

Optimized process - minimal human resources from the customer required

In today's hectic business environment, we see that saving our customer's human resources is necessary. InnoLab is designed so that teams can work most of the time independently - requiring only minimal involvement by the customer.



The result:

web store prototype, 3D designed autonomous store model + concept
What was the original challenge?

We had an idea about a completely autonomous Vimma-store, with no personnel. The InnoLab team designed a multichannel solution, which combines our web store and self-service, completely mobile Vimma-store.
How did you feel about the outcome?

All in all, we were very satisfied with the project and its management. Cooperation was flexible and easy. With the new concept and prototype, further development has been smooth.
What next - will the results be implemented?

Yes they will be. Immediately after the project, we have continued working with Innokampus, and aim to pilot and implement the self-service store in the summer of 2017.
Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.44.53
Pasi Räihä
Development Manager, Vimma


The result:

Digital Euro-Africa trade portal prototype
What was the original challenge?

Our ambitious goal was to digitalize our service model, develop new revenue streams and scale our business to the next level.
How did you feel about the outcome?

As a result, Innokampus developed a multi-country trade portal - which was significantly even more extensive than what was the original objective.
What next - will the results be implemented?

Yes, we are already making plans and preparations for the implementation of the results and further development - together with Innokampus. During the course of the next weeks, we will present and seek partners from respected investors and governmental institutions. This is a faster and more large-scale outcome than what we have ever could imagined.
Kingsley Ify